blog title: what 2018 has taught us

What 2018 Has Taught Us

With the acquisition of Netrouting, one of our largest and long-time partners, 2018 started with quite a bang. We have spent this year focusing on merging the business, continuing to grow sales across both Europe and the US and expanding our team with new additions to the ColoHouse family.

This year is coming to an end and amongst the festivities for 2019, we think it’s important to look back over the past twelve months. Want to know what 2018 has taught us all so far? Then carry on reading the blog post to find out!

Paul Bint, President & CEO 

”More Dutch than I expected and that stoopwafles are great. Weather fluctuations in NL make maintenance of consistent DC temperature far harder than here, to watch the EUR conversion rate to USD daily. That Amsterdam airport is really a small city and that Uber is not available in Spijkenisse, but good in Amsterdam and in The Hague. And a baby in the office has some teal advantages.”

Savvas Bout, CTO

”I think that in 2018 I have mostly learned how to work with colleagues from a different work culture. In your own company, you consciously or unconsciously carry out your own working methods and habits with your staff. Now that we are a part of a larger whole, you notice that different work cultures are present and that was something I needed to get used to.”


Copley Milian, Vice President of Operations
”With our acquisition in 2018 I learned the importance of time management, communication and team work as we integrated ColoHouse and Netrouting. I also learned a lot more about the Dutch culture and employment law in the Netherlands. It’s very different from the US so it’s been interesting to learn the difference.”

Robin Diepeveen, Operations Manager, EU

”Focus more on yourself instead always on others.”

Ahmed Al Azzawi, Data Center Manager, EU
”From preparing servers for different customers in the world so the responsibility of the entire data center in terms of technology and cooling.”

Lizeth Bermudez, Customer Succes Manager

”People aren’t happy because they’re successful. They’re successful because they’re happy.”

Sales & Marketing

Nicole Rossato, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

‘’DDOS attacks are alive and well. Customers are not being proactive until they have been attacked and their business has suffered both financially and have lost credibility amongst their customers.’’

Stephanie Abad, Marketing Manager, US

”This year I learned the importance of exercise and self-care! Giving yourself some much needed “me” time every once in a while allows you to be a better and more focused person in the work place.”

Sammen Qureshi, Marketing Manager, EU

‘’It’s challenging and fun to work in a different (new) environment, the more time you spend in IT, the more you’ll learn about technology, yourself, and people. Technology never sleeps and  I see this becoming a really interesting way to create original content in the future.”

Lorenzo Rossi, Director of Sales

”What l learned with from 2018 is how important the working environment is to Sales Success.  This is the best group of people I have ever worked with and this has also been one of the best sales year of my life.”|

Daryl Singleton, Global Account Manager, US

”I learned that there are many ways to reach potential customers and that’s it’s our duty to explain the new technology that could impact there businesses.”

Danny Kaptein, Global Account Manager, EU

’This year I have learned that businesses are looking for the right strategy regarding their IT needs. We live in rapidly changing times, especially for businesses. This also means that customers have more access to information than ever before, they have more expectations and changing business needs. Companies need to adjust their client engagement in order to keep the customer satisfied, meaning, a more agile IT structure. At ColoHouse we have the right people with the right knowledge to transform the IT landscape for every specific business need. On a personal note, it means to get to know the customer better in order to find out where their key objectives are coming from and what challenges businesses are dealing with.’’

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