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What is 5G and Why is It Important?

5G is one of the biggest buzzwords of 2019 — To many people, 5G remains a mystery but in the tech industry, it’s the next big innovation in wireless internet. The upcoming rise of the 5G network for mobile communication and the large amount of data that needs to be processed, stored and distributed will most likely have a major impact on the data center industry.

What Are the Benefits of 5G?

One of the key benefits of 5G is speed — Most 5G networks are expected to speed up to ten times faster than 4G. It is likely that users will be able to access data in less time as they will not have to wait for buffering or waiting for web pages to get load.

Improved latency is another benefit of 5G — Latency is that time between a click and when data is delivered to the end-user, which is around 50 milliseconds with the existing 4G network. It’s expected that 5G will make this response time around 1 millisecond.

5G and Edge Computing

Large traditional data centers have been the backbone of network computing and connectivity, with almost all data being processed in one core. The amount of data is increasing rapidly which is also one of the main reasons why edge computing has become popular and plays an essential role in 5G— Edge computing enables data processing as close to the source as possible and allows for faster processing of data.

With the rise of edge computing, more small data centers will be built close to population centers such as cities and business districts. As a result, data center infrastructure may change.

There are still many un-answered questions about 5G but it’s clear that it will have a huge impact on many aspects of the tech industry as data is going to increase.

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