Why would your company need a digital transformation?

  • Why Would Your Company Need A Digital Transformation?
    Why would your company need a digital transformation?
    • August 28 2020

    Automation and speed are major drivers in process and functionality across all industries and organizations. However, sometimes it is hard to tell if your business is truly ready for a shift in technology. 

    So, why does a digital transformation like this need to take place? Typically, a move to digital or virtual technology would take place for one or all of the following scenarios:

    Ensure business continuity

    A business would move to the cloud, colocation, or managed services to provide redundancy to their infrastructure should a natural disaster, theft, outage, or other factors outside of their control take place.


    The traditional “closet server room” may be initially the most cost-effective alternative, but it also allows for your infrastructure to be at risk. By having your equipment and services in a state of the art, secured facility, your business will continue to be up and running.

    Expansion or Franchise:

    This is the best-case scenario; your business has grown exponentially, and you are looking to add more locations or target new markets. You may need to have your IT infrastructure set up for scale or duplication in another facility.

    Options for your transformation may be straightforward such as a point to point connection from your office to a data center or it could be a series of Managed Services that include cloud, colocation, DDoS, cloud, and remote hands. Working with a trusted provider may be able to provide a series of solutions, but the ultimate decision for the best fit will be for you and your key stakeholders to make.

    If your company is looking for professionals that can help elevate your digital transformation, our experts are happy to think along with you. Please contact us at sales@colohouse.com or +1 305-731-2225.

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