Everything You Need to Know About A Carrier-Neutral Data Center

Determining where to establish your company’s infrastructure is a critical decision for any business owner. Carrier neutrality is an essential factor in choosing the right colocation provider for your business. A carrier-neutral data center provides significant benefits, including increased reliability and redundancy, flexibility, and a lower cost of ownership.

What is a carrier-neutral data center?

A carrier-neutral data center allows interconnection between many colocation and interconnection providers. Carrier neutrality means that you can access more carriers to connect critical systems to the internet. A carrier-specific data center offers only a single carrier that must be used by all customers. A carrier-neutral data center is not tied to one single service provider.

The importance of carrier neutrality

With the ability to choose from multiple carrier options, you can manage one of the most critical components of the purchasing journey – choice. The opportunity to select between different colocation and interconnection providers to suit different business needs is essential because not every business has the same needs. 

Key benefits of a carrier neutral data center

1. Reliability
In today’s digital economy, no amount of downtime is acceptable. In the event of an outage or failure of one carrier, you can rely on another carrier in the same data center so that your mission-critical systems will stay up-and-running without you ever knowing that anything happened

2. Flexibility
One key benefit of carrier neutrality is flexibility. Different carriers have a variety of options and features to suit different business needs. As your business grows and needs change over time, your technology requirements may change as well, requiring you to re-evaluate your current carrier and select a new carrier based on your changing needs. 

3. Cost Saving
Among the many advantages offered by carrier-neutral data centers is cost-efficiency. A carrier neutral data center serves as a highly competitive marketplace for all internet service providers (ISP). By offering multiple connection options, ISPs have a strong competition incentive to keep their prices low and provide better service.

How Can ColoHouse Connectivity Help You?

Our true carrier-neutral colocation environment can enable your business to deliver content, terminate your voice traffic, access public IPs or launch new product offerings on-demand. We put you in contact with the partners and services you need in order to make your operations work at peak performance.

ColoHouse Meet Me Rooms provide access to more than 20 on-net carriers and support a resilient internet connection. Our offerings suit a range of connectivity requests – whether you are seeking traditional network services, redundant connectivity or require a tailored solution. Carrier diversity is important because, without highly reliable and redundant network connectivity, IT performance is likely to suffer. Here is everything you need to know about data center connectivity.

Contact us today at +1 305-731-2225 or use our contact form to learn more about our carrier-neutral solutions for your business.

Carrier Neutral FAQs

What is a carrier-neutral data center?

A carrier-neutral data center, also known as a network-neutral data center, is a data center facility that is completely independent of network providers and allows customers to access a variety of carriers.

Why is carrier-neutrality important?

One key benefit of carrier-neutrality is flexibility. Different carriers have a variety of options and features that can make a better choice for your business than all the others. A carrier neutral center can give you access to any carrier you need. With carrier neutral colocation, you get to choose important carrier factors such as security, price, connectivity, cooling, and power independently. This way you have options when it comes to interconnectivity services and can find a solution that meets your specific needs.

What are the benefits of a carrier-neutral data center?

– Flexibility
– Redundancy
– Variety of pricing options

What are cross connects?

Cross connects are physical cables that connect to a network within a data center. Cross connects enable colocation customers to establish high-performance, dedicated connectivity to one another within the data center – providing access to a dynamic ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and customer networks without long lead times.

What is data center Interconnection?

Interconnection is private data exchange between businesses. This is best achieved hosted in carrier-neutral data center facility, where distributed IT components are collocated.

By offering the ability to choose from multiple carrier options, customers are able to cultivate one of the most critical components of the purchasing journey – choice. Carrier-neutral data centers are not confined to any one service provider, and as such are able to provide the diversity and flexibility to cater to each unique business’ goals. The flexibility of an interconnected data center allows providers to continually improve their services and offerings to meet customers’ expectations.

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