When is a Good Time to Consider Colocation in A Data Center?

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    When is a Good Time to Consider Colocation in A Data Center?
    • February 26 2020

    Businesses looking for a scalable, long term option to ensure business continuity and secure reliable infrastructure often look towards colocation. Data centers can offer growing businesses many benefits. But when is a good time to consider colocation in a data center?

    When more space is required
    As your business starts to grow, there is a chance that your current IT infrastructure may need to expand as well. If the needs of your IT infrastructure change and there is simply not enough power or
    resources available, a flexible colocation option will give you the ability to scale up or down easily.

    When your business is growing it might be good to consider partnering with a colocation provider that fosters and accommodates development – both in terms of space and support. A data center that has the potential to expand with the business provides the consistency that is necessary for growing businesses.  

    When you are looking for a cost-effective solution
    Transitioning from managing data in-house to outsourcing within a data center can prove to be very cost-effective for businesses. By taking on the responsibility of data management internally, businesses are tasked with managing all major variables and expenses independently, which can be both time-consuming and distracting in maintaining everyday business operations.

    Colocation solutions provide built-in benefits such as support, security, redundancy, and connectivity at either a bundled or reduced cost compared to on-site hosting. Additionally, by outsourcing, you can be assured that your information will be stored in a reliable environment, so unpredictable variables such as hiring additional security staff, costly equipment maintenance, office migration, or power outages will be eliminated. By utilizing colocation for IT outsourcing needs, businesses regain the ability to focus on core initiatives and resources more efficiently.

    When connectivity matters
    Today, businesses create value by connecting to customers, services and partners to manage, distribute and exchange data worldwide. Connectivity is an essential factor that enables productivity and drives customer satisfaction. You rely on your business internet connection to give you access to the tools you depend on to collaborate effectively with your team. Limited connectivity access could have an impact on the availability of your services. A reliable colocation data center with access to several network providers should be top a priority when considering a new location.

    Colocation Solutions
    The value of colocation is that it offers a flexible environment where you can build your solution to suit your financial and disaster recovery needs. Colocation allows you to take advantage of various carriers that a provider offers. In addition to space and power, many colocation providers offer a variety of managed services.

    At ColoHouse, we ensure consistent uptime and interconnectivity for all business sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises. Our customers select ColoHouse’s data center colocation services because we support scalability and growth paired with industry-leading customer support

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